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March 3, 9:05 AM

Customizing a classic: CRD’s BMW R80ST

Café Racer Dreams don’t exclusively build BMWs, but you could call them specialists. With several elegant examples under their belts—including these two stunning R100s—they’ve learnt a thing or two about turning wrenches on Bavaria’s finest.
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February 26, 11:07 AM

Happy Landings: Clockwork’s CB750 custom

Samuel Guertin used to spend his days wrenching on choppers—the kind that fly. But after a decade working as a helicopter mechanic, he decided that customizing cars and bikes was more fulfilling.
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February 26, 11:06 AM

Ducati Monster by Deus Ex Machina

The Ducati Monster is a motorcycle we’ve seen customised six ways from Sunday, so whenever we find one that looks genuinely unique, it always grabs our interest.
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February 23, 8:36 AM

‘79 Yamaha XS650 – Analog Motorcycles

Written by Marlon Slack.
Analog Motorcycles is located in Gurnee, Illinois and under the guidance of founder Tony Prust they’ve produced some incredibly clean bikes.
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February 23, 8:32 AM

CX500 Blubber

The CX500 "Blubber". Latest build by Ton Up Garage - Porto, Portugal 
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February 18, 10:47 AM

Absolute Power: Yamaha’s Yard Built VMAX custom

The mighty V-Max is thirty years old this year. And it’s still making the news—for both the right and the wrong reasons.
Its creator, Kenji Ekuan of GK Design, died a few days ago.
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February 18, 10:45 AM

CX500 by Sacha Lakic & George's Garage

Sacha Lakic Design is an international design and architecture studio based in Luxembourg.
This 1982 CX500 was laying in a corner of George's Garage, the shop of a friend. So they decided to rebuild together this bike in a cafe racer version...
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February 18, 10:44 AM

Tricolore Treat: Wolf Moto’s Guzzi LeMans

One of South Africa’s motorcycling hotspots is the Woodstock Man Cave, a workshop-cum-clubhouse in Cape Town. It’s also the venue for a bike show that’s popular with local customizers.
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February 18, 10:43 AM

‘86 BMW K100 RS – Motofication

What a renaissance the good ol’ BMW K-Series is having of late. From humble beginnings as the laughing-stock of the second-hand bike scene, the model has enjoyed a slow and steady rise in popularity over the past few years.
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February 18, 10:42 AM

Zephyr 550 by OCS

An excellent paintwork, inverted forks, new shocks, clip-ons, spoke wheels, conical muffler... And a lot of good taste.
You don't need much more to make an oustanding cafe racer out from an old good Kawa Zephyr 550.
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February 13, 10:54 AM

Inglorious MC The Cali

As someone once said, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Sometimes those rose tinted spectacles can play tricks on us, deleting the bad, embellishing the good, even transposing events or people that weren’t actually there.
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February 13, 10:53 AM

CRD’s XR 1200: the Harley That Should Have Been

Back in 2008, the Harley XR 1200 had everything going for it. Launched in Europe but styled with an American flat track vibe, it was a nod to the much-loved XR750.
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February 13, 10:51 AM

‘79 Yamaha SR500 – Old Empire Motorcycles

Hurricanes. Typhoons. Comets. Tempests. If you need any more evidence that the world’s weather is going to hell in a carbon-based handbasket, look no further than poor old Blighty and her Old Empire Motorcycles.
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February 13, 10:48 AM

B05-K by An-Bu

Not many people will be able to recognize a Yamaha GX400SP under the lovely racing fairing of this bike built by Koichi Fujita of An-Bu in Nagoya - Japan...  Non saranno in molti quelli che riconosceranno una Yamaha GX400SP sotto la splendida...
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February 13, 10:47 AM

BMW R65 by Ellaspede

The BMW R65 was introduced in 1978 to provide a mid-sized touring motorcycle for the BMW faithful, it utilised the bullet-proof airhead engine with a capacity of 649.6cc and it sent 45hp to the rear wheel via a maintenance free shaft-drive.
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February 12, 4:05 AM

Café Racer - Ride SÖK

Thibaut Nogues riding an old Honda 125cm3 customised with leather (hand made by Atypic creation).. He pushes the moto to the limits and ride more with SÖK !
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February 6, 4:44 AM

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Seaweed & Gravel

This Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Seaweed & Gravel is written on Moto Verso
I’ve been blogging a few years now on Moto Verso and seen many Cafe Racers over the years.
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February 6, 4:43 AM

Elegant Bastard R Nine T

After just having the pleasure of pretending to own an R Nine T for the past few days (keep an eye out for my review in issue 6 of Tank Moto magazine) I've become rather fond of BMW's 110hp boxer.
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February 6, 4:36 AM

Ugly Motorbikes' XS750 - the Bike Shed

People always say that the Americans don’t get irony, but anyone who thinks Ugly Motorbikes don’t build beautiful bikes clearly has no soul – which means irony is alive & kicking in Southern California.
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February 6, 4:35 AM

Dave Lehl's CB

This 1978 CB550 has been built for himself by Dave Lehl,
photographer in Colorado, USA
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February 6, 4:34 AM

CX500 Bobber by BBCR

At Barn Built Cafe Racer in Owosso - Minnesota (USA), they are specialized in CX500 custom builds. This one is based on a 1980 donor bike and was completed last winter, but most of the components are now available in kit.
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February 6, 4:32 AM

Moto Studio DB900

Before we indulge in the details of the distractingly beautiful and purposeful black Ducati that originally lured you to read these words it is right and proper that we extend the gentlemen behind the bike a hearty Bikeshed welcome and a thorough...
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February 6, 4:31 AM

Double Barrel Garage CX500 Spike

Honda's Moto Guzzi-esque CX500 has been enjoying a huge resurgence in the custom scene. It seems that ever since the Wrenchmonkees unveiled their custom CX500 in 2011 the CX's popularity has skyrocketed.
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February 6, 4:30 AM

Honda CX500 custom | Bike EXIF

The Honda CX500 is not the prettiest of motorcycles. Launched in 1978 and produced for just five years, it attracted a wide range of uncomplimentary nicknames.
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