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Today, 5:58 PM | Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer by Old Empire Motorcycles

Welcome at Cafe Racers United! This is the place to learn, to be inspired and to enjoy Cafe Racers like this Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer by Old Empire Motorcycles
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Today, 5:55 PM

Cafe Racers | Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer by Gunnar

Welcome to The place for and by cafe racer enthusiasts. We write about Cafe Racer s like this Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer by Gunnar
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Today, 5:52 PM

CRD#34 Kawasaki W650 - Crd Motorcycles

MotorKawasaki650 Twin

Nombre Moto > CRD#34
Propietario > Jose
Modelo base > Kawasaki w650
Año > 2004
Construcción > Cafe Racer Dreams
Tiempo > 3 meses
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Today, 11:38 AM

‘86 Benelli 654 Sport – Inglourious Basterds Cycles

You have to admit, the global custom motorcycle scene at the moment is anything but boring. While the current generation waxes lyrical about their new-school café racers and brats, the old school revel in their baggers, billet and bobbers.
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Today, 11:18 AM

Clutch Customs’ sublime Kawasaki KZ650

Kawasaki KZ650s don’t come across our desks too often. So we were intrigued to see this one from Monsieur Willie Knoll at Paris’ Clutch Custom Motorcycles.
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October 28, 7:45 PM

Renard’s Retro-Futuristic BMW scrambler

In a sea of identikit BMW customs, we’re always on the hunt for a fresh take on Bavaria’s finest. And this sharply-styled scrambler hits the mark effortlessly.
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October 28, 7:44 PM

Ayrton Senna tribute by Marcus Walz

It’s a common sight to see Formula One drivers zooming up and down the pit lane on scooters. But many of these hardcore racers have more serious motorcycles secreted away in their personal garages.
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October 26, 3:28 PM

How to turn a Royal Enfield into a racebike

“With just 29 horses on tap, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is not the most likely of racebikes. But what it lacks in power, it makes up for in old-school charm.”
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October 24, 5:55 AM

Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV

The Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV was introduced in 1972 to significant interest from both the leading motorcycle journalists and their readers, it was the first production motorcycle ever made that could hit a 12.0 second flat quarter mile and it’s...
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October 23, 3:23 AM

Do Italian bikes make the best café racers?

Much like its cars, Italy’s motorcycles have always leaned towards more sporting orientations – so perhaps that’s why they have become so popular in the ever-growing café racer scene.
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October 22, 4:25 PM

Addiction Customs Arcanum SR500

Earlier this year I made the trip up to Sydney to attend Throttle Roll. Of all the awesome bikes on display there was one fresh build that stood out from the rest, an Anbu inspired Yamaha SR500 by Nicholas Blaxell of Addiction Customs.
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October 17, 6:29 PM

Triumph Scrambler by Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles

This Triumph Scrambler by Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles is one of the more off-road capable scramblers we’ve featured in recent memory – a modern scrambler is almost exclusively a road going motorcycle modified for off-road use, so it’s...
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October 17, 6:42 AM

1973 Ducati 750SS Corsa by NCR

This 1973 Ducati 750SS Corsa by NCR was left sitting in a garage for over 30 years, it’s hard to imagine the thought process of the man who found it – It’s the two-wheeled equivalent of finding a raced-in-period Ferrari 250 GTO sitting under a tarp.
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October 14, 3:48 AM

Unkillable: Ginger McCabe’s XS400

If you’re a motorcycle builder in the States and you need a custom seat, you know who to call: Ginger McCabe.
Ginger runs Portland, Oregon-based New Church Moto.
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October 14, 3:45 AM

Honda XRE300 by Shibuya Garage

Written by Ian Lee.
The Honda XRE300 is a dual sport bike manufactured for the South American market. Honda called it “aggressive looking” but in reality it is one fugly machine – with a pointy plastic nose that looks like a large bird beak.
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