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Today, 5:55 AM

Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV

The Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV was introduced in 1972 to significant interest from both the leading motorcycle journalists and their readers, it was the first production motorcycle ever made that could hit a 12.0 second flat quarter mile and it’s...
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October 23, 3:23 AM

Do Italian bikes make the best café racers?

Much like its cars, Italy’s motorcycles have always leaned towards more sporting orientations – so perhaps that’s why they have become so popular in the ever-growing café racer scene.
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October 22, 4:25 PM

Addiction Customs Arcanum SR500

Earlier this year I made the trip up to Sydney to attend Throttle Roll. Of all the awesome bikes on display there was one fresh build that stood out from the rest, an Anbu inspired Yamaha SR500 by Nicholas Blaxell of Addiction Customs.
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October 17, 6:29 PM

Triumph Scrambler by Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles

This Triumph Scrambler by Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles is one of the more off-road capable scramblers we’ve featured in recent memory – a modern scrambler is almost exclusively a road going motorcycle modified for off-road use, so it’s...
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October 17, 6:42 AM

1973 Ducati 750SS Corsa by NCR

This 1973 Ducati 750SS Corsa by NCR was left sitting in a garage for over 30 years, it’s hard to imagine the thought process of the man who found it – It’s the two-wheeled equivalent of finding a raced-in-period Ferrari 250 GTO sitting under a tarp.
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October 14, 3:48 AM

Unkillable: Ginger McCabe’s XS400

If you’re a motorcycle builder in the States and you need a custom seat, you know who to call: Ginger McCabe.
Ginger runs Portland, Oregon-based New Church Moto.
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October 14, 3:45 AM

Honda XRE300 by Shibuya Garage

Written by Ian Lee.
The Honda XRE300 is a dual sport bike manufactured for the South American market. Honda called it “aggressive looking” but in reality it is one fugly machine – with a pointy plastic nose that looks like a large bird beak.
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October 10, 4:15 AM

Pure Klasse: Diamond Atelier’s BMW R80

The BMW R80 ticks all the boxes for custom builders. It’s reliable, simple to work on and cheap to buy. And, as with all R-series airheads, it looks pretty good straight out of the box.
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October 9, 8:13 AM

‘79 Honda CX500 – 502 Moto

It’s a truism to say that most builders have a kind of love/hate relationship with their project bikes.
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October 8, 4:20 PM

Tank Moto issue 5

It's hard to believe it's already been 3 months since we released issue 4 of Tank Moto! Just like the previous issues Tank Moto 5 is packed with awesome moto features.
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October 7, 10:43 AM

Kawasaki W650 Hardtail by Deus

The Kawasaki W650 is a motorcycle that’s found a loving home in Australia, the classic looks combined with modern reliability make it very nearly the perfect motorcycle for those who want an engine bolted between two wheels with no additional...
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October 7, 3:41 AM

01′ Harley Sportster by DP Customs

The Del Prado brothers (Jarrod and Justin) from DP Customs in Arizona have been at it again. These brothers are renowned for building top class custom Harleys, which is why they were approached by a motor enthusiast to build him a Sportster.
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October 3, 3:56 AM

Honda CX500RR

Written by Martin Hodgson
To create a motorcycle so good that passers-by ask you when the factory started selling them, you need a designer, fabricator and builder capable of bringing such a bike to life.
Dean Harding's curator insight, October 12, 6:41 AM

One of the best CX500's I have seen

September 30, 4:37 AM

BMW K-Series ‘Bell Kaff’

Written by Ian Lee.
There are few people amongst us who haven’t looked at the European bikes of 60s & 70s and thought: “those guys really knew how to build bikes”.
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September 29, 11:16 AM

BMW K1200RS KAgusta

When someone describes a bike as a clean build you usually expect it to be something pretty special and I can tell you this is one of the cleanest I've seen.
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September 25, 5:30 PM

The 2015 Motorcycle Calendar

The world’s most prestigious motorcycle calendar is back on sale.
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September 25, 5:21 PM

Yamaha SR500 by ExesoR Motorcycles

Christian from ExesoR Motorcycles is one of those quietly talented custom bike builders who spends months at a time hammering a way in a shed, before rolling out a motorcycle so beautiful it stops even seasoned motorcycle critics in their tracks.
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