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May 19, 9:59 AM

Redeemed Cycles CB550

A brand can be a difficult thing to get right. An acquaintance once ran into trouble when trying to market his molasses substitute in the US.
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May 19, 9:57 AM

Digging Deep: A rusty CB750F2 from Outsiders

Rusty bikes seldom garner a second glance. But this new offering from Outsiders Motorcycles warrants close inspection—because there’s a lot more at play than a little patina.
Outsiders is based in the ancient city of Groningen in The Netherlands.
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May 19, 8:48 AM

Honda CB900 by Nitro Cycles

Words by Martin Hodgson.
From the time the Café Racer scene had its second coming, the Honda CB750 of the 70’s and 80’s has been one of the bikes of choice for high end builders and backyarders alike.
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May 19, 8:35 AM

Harley Street 750: Battle Of The Kings

Harley-Davidson took a punt when it launched its Street models last year—and it’s paid off. The Street 750 and 500 are doing especially well in international markets, where there’s less emphasis on cubic inches.
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May 19, 8:34 AM

Ducati MH900E custom creation

"An instant classic". That statement is such a cliche that's been thrown around and overused so much that it's lost it's effect.
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May 19, 8:33 AM

Readers' rides: Michal's CX cafe racer

Michal’s first build: his 1981 CX500 - Poland Photography by Adam Pietrowsky - Studio Dada - Giełda Klasycòv Michal has always loved bikes, he says, but ”in Poland they are not the most popular sort of transport and café racers are the rarity among...
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May 19, 8:29 AM

Yamaha SR125 Material Woman

I first met the Ask Motorcycle guys when I went to the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod and custom show in 2013. Their Triumph grabbed my attention amongst literally hundreds of other stunning builds.
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May 13, 7:03 AM

Honda CB750 F2N by Debolex

Honda CB750 F2N by Debolex
The Honda CB750 is one of the most important motorcycles of the 20th century, it was responsible for the coining of the term “super bike”, and it signalled to the world that the Japanese motorcycle industry had arrived.
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May 11, 12:12 PM

Ultra Noir: A blacker than black Honda CB750

Murdered-out customs used to be all the rage. But lately, builders have been favoring more diverse color palettes. Which is a real pity: done right, black-on-black can be downright beautiful.
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May 11, 11:12 AM

CX Alu

CX 500 full aluminium jacket by Cedric Cevennes Retromotors
Seb Sechinffon photos
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May 11, 5:47 AM

‘80 Yamaha XV750 – Open Road Cycles

Written by Marlon Slack.
Australia receives a lot of things from South Africa – their wine, their rugby team and occasionally, nervous men sweating their way through customs with cocaine in their bum.
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May 11, 5:22 AM

Scandinavian thriller: A Ducati 860 from Stockholm

We’re used to seeing motorcycle and surf culture intersect. But in chilly Stockholm? Where the average July temperature is just 18°C (64°F)?
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May 11, 5:21 AM

Quattrotempi: A new Guzzi from the old master

The days of easy bargains on the secondhand scene are over, especially if you’re looking for a clean CB750 or old Bonnie to modify. But there are still some good buys out there, and one of them is the Moto Guzzi 1000 SP.
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May 11, 5:20 AM

Jamie’s CB500/4 Road Burner

Amateur – noun – [am-uh-choo r, -cher, -ter, am-uh-tur] – A person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit.
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May 11, 3:48 AM

Ducati Flat Tracker

Ducati Flat Tracker Benjie’s Cafe Racers is an Italian custom motorcycle workshop run by Benjie Flipprboi, he’s a man who has gained no small amount of respect in recent years by building wildly imaginative custom motorcycles with a strong...
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May 11, 3:47 AM

The motorcycle as art: Hazan Motorworks’ Ducati

Max Hazan has a motto tattooed on his hand: “Ever forward in creation.” And he’s a man of his word, building intricate, unusual machines that willfully ignore the fickle winds of fashion.
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May 11, 3:47 AM

BMW R100/7 by Dream Wheels Heritage

BMW R100/7 by Dream Wheels Heritage The BMW R100/7 was released in 1976 as one of the largest-engined bikes in the company’s model line, the 980cc boxer twin produces 60hp and 54 ft lbs of torque, with its twin Bing carburettors and relatively...
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May 11, 3:46 AM

FCR 2015 Ducati Scrambler

With all the hype around the new Ducati Scrambler it was only a matter of time before we started seeing custom versions being completed by independent workshops.
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April 30, 11:14 AM

The difference between Café, Tracker, Scrambler, Brat, & rat bikes

Submoto goes through the basic differences between Cafe Racers, Street Trackers, Scramblers, Brat style, and Rat bikes How to build a Café Racer: ...
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April 29, 12:12 PM

Fury Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

It's true. Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best. Take for example this super clean CB750 build from Montreal based workshop Clockwork Motorcycles. No clutter, no mess, no flair.
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April 29, 11:12 AM

Riverside Projects CX500

Hurtling round the congested streets of London in the middle of winter, over-sized crates strapped to the back of their ‘Plastic Maggots’, the dispatch riders of the ’80s and ’90s gave zero consideration to the way their rides looked.
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April 29, 5:47 AM

Völser Customs XS650

Some folk make our lives very easy indeed. This Brat-tastic XS650 is a local London build, put together by friend of the ‘Shed Marcel Ortmans.
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April 28, 12:12 PM

CX500 by Relic Motorcycles

CX500 by the new brand Relic Motorcycles in Aahrus - Denmark
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April 28, 11:12 AM

Eye Candy: Two New Walt Siegl Leggeros

We make no apologies: we’re featuring the latest two customs from Walt Siegl because we can’t tear our eyes away from them. And we’re not alone—a few days ago, Wall Street Journal reporter Jonathan Welsh fell for the charms of these Ducatis too.
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